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You can join our company to experience structured, systematic & balanced trading. We have two varied categories of people: Recyclers & Processors and PIBOs (Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners) in this industry. Depending upon the work, the definition of PIBOs and recycles are

PIBOs: These are the producers or brand owners of plastic waste. The waste can be generated either in the industries or in packaging. The primary concern of the PIBOs is to buy the plastic credit certificates from the re-processors. 

Recyclers: Recyclers are those which recycle or reprocess all types of plastic, MLP or Non-MLP. The recyclers sell the plastic credit certificate points at an affordable price. 

EcoEx provides the platform where PIBOs meet recyclers and buy or sell the plastic credit certificates at a fair price to meet their Extended Producer Responsibility obligations under the 2016 Plastic Waste Management Law. For the selling or buying of credit points, we organize e-auctions for the trading of plastic waste.  

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₹ 50,000 /Annum

Producer, Importer, Brand Owner

Documents for submission

₹1,00,000 /Annum

Recyclers & Processors

Documents for submission
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